I Am Committed To You

Our team fiercely advocates for your needs. We persistently work towards your goals utilizing the best practices and innovative technologies.

We don't have all the answers but we keep asking the right questions until we get there. We help healthcare providers help you.

Our case managers are concerned about you and committed to empathy, kindness, and concern. As your advocate, we are tenaciously inspiring a better return.

Our Case Managers:

  • Care about your health
  • Work towards your goals
  • Listen to your concerns
  • Help you ask the right questions
  • Work to meet your needs
  • Answer questions
  • Explain the insurance process
  • Handle orders for supplies and equipment
  • Plan and schedule your appointments
  • Talk to your adjuster and doctor

Contact your case manager if:

  • You have questions about a procedure or a medication
  • You need to see your doctor
  • You are concerned about your health
  • You are worried you may have an infection
  • You are running a fever and/or are vomiting
  • You are unable to attend a scheduled appointment
  • Any of your scheduled appointments have been changed
You and I